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Hip Pain

SamWell Institute for Pain Management

Pain Management Specialist located in Colonia, NJ, Livingston, NJ & Englewood, NJ

Whether your hip pain comes from arthritis, post-surgical complications, ligament issues, or something else, relief is closer than you think. Dr. Jay M. Shah at SamWell Institute for Pain Management in Colonia, Livingston and Englewood, New Jersey, offers state-of-the-art treatments to relieve your pain without major surgery. Book your appointment using the online scheduling tool or by calling the office today.

Hip Pain Q & A

What causes hip pain?

Hip pain can have a variety of causes, with some of the most common including:

Patients who have hip surgery sometimes have post-surgery pain due to improper healing, scar tissue, or other damage.

When should I see a doctor for hip pain?

Hip pain isn’t always chronic, but in many cases it is. In general, if your hip pain doesn’t get better after a few days of rest, ice application, and over-the-counter pain relievers, it’s time to get help by calling SamWell Institute for Pain Management.

Even if your hip pain tends to come and go, that doesn’t mean you should ignore the problem. Recurrent hip pain may indicate a problem with your joints (or another part of your body), and it’s best to address a chronic problem right away.

What is the best treatment for hip pain?

It depends on your type of pain, how severe it is, and how it affects your mobility and life in general. Some of the possible treatment options at SamWell Institute for Pain Management to restore damaged tissue, hip joint injections, and medication in some situations.

Hip pain may respond very well to natural treatment options like acupuncture, physical therapy, and cognitive behavioral therapy. Dr. Shah often recommends these types of noninvasive treatments as a complement to injections or other pain management solutions.

For many patients, physical therapy plays a significant role in hip pain recovery. Your hip joints need the support of all the muscles in your abdomen and legs, and physical therapy helps you strengthen those muscles while learning to use them in the best way.

Can I avoid hip replacement?

Many patients who have chronic hip pain say that they want to do anything possible to avoid hip replacement. In many cases, if you do everything possible to preserve your hip joints now, you can prevent or at least delay the need for hip replacement surgery.

Dr. Shah will recommend a pain management plan that also helps you avoid further hip damage as much as possible.

Use the online scheduling tool or call SamWell Institute for Pain Management to get help for your hip pain now.