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Abdominal Pain

SamWell Institute for Pain Management

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Abdominal and pelvic pain can make you feel frustrated and exhausted, especially when it never seems to end. Fortunately, there are effective pain management solutions that calm or deactivate the nerves causing your pain. At SamWell Institute for Pain Management in Colonia, Livingston and Englewood, New Jersey, pain management expert Dr. Jay M. Shah is ready to help. Book your appointment by phone or through the online scheduling tool today.

Abdominal Pain Q & A

What is chronic abdominal pain?

Chronic abdominal pain is pain that persists for more than 12 weeks. Chronic abdominal pain is often a constant ache in your stomach area, but it can also include sharp twinges, twisting pain, or nearly any other kind of pain problem.

In most sufferers, chronic abdominal pain can affect range-of-motion, mood, and overall quality of life. If you're dealing with chronic abdominal pain, it can be frustrating, exhausting, and demoralizing.

What is chronic pelvic pain?

As in chronic abdominal pain, chronic pelvic pain lasts for more than 12 weeks. Chronic pelvic pain can affect your entire pelvis, and it may cause sporadic sharp pain, a continual dull ache, or nearly any other type of pain.

Most chronic pelvic pain sufferers are women. Chronic pelvic pain can often be part of other symptoms like heavy menstrual bleeding or infertility.

What causes chronic abdominal and pelvic pain?

There are many possible reasons for chronic abdominal pain, including injury, internal scar tissue, irritable bowel syndrome, and many other gastrointestinal and musculoskeletal problems.

The causes of pelvic pain can include reproductive system issues like endometriosis or fibroids, bladder problems, irritable bowel syndrome, and many other problems.

To get the most successful treatment, it's important first to know the source of the pain. In some cases, you may need a diagnostic procedure before beginning your pain management because it allows for a customized and effective treatment.

How are chronic abdominal and pelvic pain treated?

At SamWell Institute for Pain Management, Dr. Shah treats abdominal and pelvic pain on a case-by-case basis. Some of the many treatments available include:

Many patients find that a combination of treatments offers the most long-term relief of pelvic or abdominal pain. For example, Dr. Shah may recommend a nerve block along with physical therapy or cognitive behavioral therapy.

The goal with pain management at SamWell Institute for Pain Management is to give you the most relief in the most natural way possible.

To take the first step towards abdominal or pelvic pain relief now, call SamWell Institute for Pain Management or use the online scheduling tool.